Car Detailing

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Car detailing refers to through cleaning of a vehicle both inside and out using quality car care products, professional method and professional tools. The process and price of detailing varies depending on certain factors such as the condition of the car, time and efforts involved, products used for detailing as well as the level of skill of the detailer. Main areas of detailing are as following:-

1. Exterior Cleaning :

• Washing the exterior to remove dirt, grime.

2. Decontamination:

• Removal of contamination using manual or chemical method.

3. Paint / Gloss Correction:

• Polishing the paint to remove minor scratches*, swirl marks, and imperfections.

4. Wax/Sealant:

• Applying wax, sealant, or ceramic coatings to protect and enhance the paint's finish.

5. Interior Cleaning:

• Deep interior cleaning of the vehicle including roof, carpet, seats and upholstery depending upon the package or requirement

6. Glass Cleaning:

• Cleaning the glasses both inside and out.

7. Wheel Detailing:

• Cleaning and dressing the wheels and tires to give them a clean and glossy appearance.

8. Trim Restoration:

• Treating and restoring plastic and trim pieces to a like-new condition.

Our detailing service aims to make a vehicle look as close to new as possible. We offer different packages, ranging from basic to premium, depending on the level of care and detailing needed. The benefits of car detailing include preserving the vehicle's value, extending its lifespan, and providing a clean and aesthetically pleasing driving experience. It is a popular service among car enthusiasts and those who want to maintain their vehicle's appearance and condition.

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